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I am 27 years old and have been married to my highschool sweetheart for almost 8 years now! He is my rock and best friend and I feel so blessed that the Lord allowed us to meet as young as we did and to be able to experience so much life together. We have two cats (Winston and Benji) and live in Nebraska. Although we love our little life in Nebraska, we have such adventurous hearts! We are always traveling to new places – anywhere with palm trees, sunshine and the beach is where I am happiest! When we aren’t traveling, we enjoy working out together, date nights out and long life talks at the dining room table over a cup of coffee or wine!

 I have a huge heart for people and especially young women. A few years back I was sitting with a couple of my close girl friends and we all felt like God was calling us to lead a bible study and open it up to young women through social media. I am so very thankful we listened to that calling. That calling has led me to leading a handful of bible studies since then and the opportunity to meet some of the most amazing women. Community is so important to me and I love being able to do life with other women and encourage them and talk about Jesus and what He has done/is doing in our lives. There is something so sweet to me about the way God created our souls to long for that connection and community with each other.  

I have always had such a huge passion for fashion and beauty. I have my momma to thank for that – all of the shopping trips and hair colors in the kitchen at home are what sparked my love for fashion and beauty from a very young age. My mom was always so hip on trends that it made me want to be just like her when I was older.

My passion for fitness grew when my husband who was a track star and very shredded (insert heart eyes here!) asked me to start working out with him. I hated it at first, I just wanted to do my cardio! But somewhere along the way it went from dreading the gym to seeing results I never saw from just doing cardio. I started to LOVE lifting weights and learning new things at the gym, like really love it. I had never felt stronger and the more I saw results and muscle being added on my body, my love for health and fitness continued to grow. Feeling strong and healthy is such an amazing feeling that I want to help other people find that for themselves through sharing some of my workout routines!

I have the most amazing people in my life who continuously speak so much truth into my life and constantly encourage me which is why we are here, on my website! I couldn’t have started all of this without the love, support and encouragement from all of the amazing friends and family in my life! I am so excited to share with all of you my love for fitness, fashion and beauty!

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